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Throwback Thursday - Philly's Most Wanted & 311 (Now on Apple Music As Well As Spotify)

Launched these new "Throwback" playlists last week on the Official Barstool Backstage Spotify account and going to add to them each Thursday, along with highlighting a couple of the tracks. 

Also added them to Apple Music at the request of several people so you can find those below also.

Any suggestions throw them in the comments.

Keeping it in the family with another Neptunes BANGER this week. 

I have always wondered how these flash-in-the-pan rappers from Philadelphia came on the scene out of nowhere, scooped two of the Neptune's best tracks at the time, and then disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. 

This song was so great.


311 fucks. 

Such a unique sound. So remarkably 90s. Still great listening today. 

Heard they put on great live shows too and need to catch one.


p.s. - HUGE Memorial Day Music dump to get you through the holiday weekend coming tomorrow!