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Can The Original Trivia Team Avoid An Upset? (The Dozen: Tournament II - Round 1, Day 4 Preview)

The Dozen: Trivia Tournament II presented by High Noon is back tonight! It's time to move on to the second round and the original team, 5-seed The Experts, make their season two Tournament debut against last year's runner-up, 12-seed The Misfits. Will The Experts advance, or will The Misfits and their mystery member pull off an upset? Then right after, it's PART ONE of 'The Dozen: The Road to the Tournament', a mini-doc behind-the-scenes series about the making of The Dozen, our Chicago live-event, and more!

With the final night of the first round ahead, we enlisted one of our producers, Tyler Goochman, to break down the matchups by the numbers and why each team may win, or lose. Enjoy!


- 15–6–0 Team Record
- 10.86 Points Per Match
- 2.67 Steals Per Match
- 41% Niche Success Rate
- Brandon (5.65 PPM)
- PFT (4.91 PPM)
- Fran (4.52 PPM)

- 4–5–0 Team Record
- 10.33 Points Per Match
- 2.44 Steals Per Match
- 44% Niche Success Rate
- Hank (2.78 PPM)
- Keegs (3.50 PPM)
- Mystery Person (???)

Why the Experts will win: Nobody has more experience than the Experts, Brandon and PFT should be able to outplay Hank and whoever steps up for the Misfits in Sports Categories, and Fran’s Pop Culture knowledge should limit the threat of Keegs stealing those categories from them.

Why the Misfits will win: A lot depends on who their third person is; talking mathematically, if Fran misses a doubled Celebrity Mashup and Keegs steals it, the Misfits win the Bonus Round and knock down their Niche, then we are only a couple of random pulls away from a colossal upset.

Why the Experts will lose: If the Experts have ever had a fatal flaw, it is that they play to the level of their competition for better or worse; Brandon and PFT have been slacking in recent games, and if the trend continues, it could lead to a bad first-round loss.

Why the Misfits will lose: The Misfits have been a quietly fun team to watch since the departure of Reags (and Dante) and the addition of Keegs with fill-ins from RDT and Joey Camasta; still, they lack the Sports knowledge to go toe-to-toe with the best, and with that said, the odds do not look great for them.



The Dozen: Trivia Tournament II presented by High Noon airs again tonight, with doubleheaders Monday through Thursday starting at 7|6c, and lasting through June 2nd!