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I Accidentally Got Too High At The 'Top Gun: Maverick' Premiere And Almost Had To Eject

This week ZeroBlog30 got invited to the Top Gun: Maverick premiere thanks to some folks at We Are The Mighty, and it wasn't your usual screening. This one would be aboard the Intrepid; an aircraft carrier turned museum on the Hudson River in NYC. Even better, we'd be allowed to explore areas of the ship during an open bar cocktail hour before watching the movie with hundreds of active duty & reserve military personnel. 

To say I was looking forward to it was an understatement. It would be a rare night out with my friends & I'd already heard several people say that the sequel was 'surprisingly awesome'... But I got a little too excited. Chaps, Cons, Feits & I hit up a bar ahead of time where I popped an edible and everything went downhill from there. (At one point I even thought we were about to have to fight anti-military protestors who snuck in, but turns out I had simply gone temporarily insane.) Hear the full story of how things devolved on the latest ZBT:

**All that being said, the movie truly was badass (my eyes were bugged out of my head the entire time & I don't think I blinked for like 2 hours) and if you have a chance make sure you go see it in a fancy pants theater with top notch sound!!