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New Warzone Perk "Serpentine' Will Reduce Damage By 20% While Sprinting

Welcome to the Serpentine Meta!! This new added perk will reduce all damage by 20% while you're sprinting! There's no doubt in my mind that this perk is going to piss of everyone that misses out on a Warzone kill thanks to this new perk. However, if you're the person running from the bullets, you couldn't be happier that this was added into the game. Serpentine will be in the "Perk 1" slot so it will replace either Quick Fix, Cold Blooded, EOD or Double Time.

Warzone just had a major mid-season update, so here's everything you need to know: 

A new underground fast travel system is coming to Caldera. It'll operate very similar to Verdansk's fast travel system. I'm not sure how necessary this addition is because we have the balloons to fly around the map. This will certainly be a stealthier route, so you can choose which mode of transportation works best for you.

4 new items can be found in Supply boxes:

Gulag Entry Token

- Gives the player another opportunity to fight in the gulag

Redeployment Extraction Token

- Allows a player to redeploy without using the Gulag or being bought back

Speed Boost

- Exactly what it sounds like - grants the player a speed buff for a temporary amount of time

Radar Jammer

- Unlike the first three, this is a field upgrade that jams enemy's radars within a short distance. Could certainly see this becoming very useful.

I'll be live on Twitch tonight playing with Stoolies from the chat to test the new update! Stream starts at 5pm EST - see you there.

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