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Hypothetical: Greg Olsen Explains What He Would Do If A Teammate Hypothetically Wanted More Money (While George Kittle is Present)

On today's Pardon My Take... GREG OLSEN AND GEORGE KITTLE! The tight end duo joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss the latest update with TE University, Billy Football's new emoji system, Greg getting cucked by Tom Brady in the booth, and much more. The guys also got into an interesting discussion involving a hypothetical where a teammate wants more money (again, just a hypothetical). I'll let the podcast hosts and tight ends take it away from here...

Mr. Cat: I have a question for you, Greg, because you're retired, so you can speak on this more. Did you ever have a situation when you were playing that maybe like a star player wanted a new contract or wanted to be traded? How did you deal with that?

Greg Olsen: Yeah, I mean, there were times where I wanted a new contract. I never demanded that a team traded me, but I'm all for that shit. I think everybody should be able to get their money, get what they're paid. ... [A few sentences later] ... So, yeah, when a star guy wants a new contract, if he's deserving and his play and his history on the field is in accordance with someone else at a higher level of income, I think that guy should make all the money he can.

Mr. Commenter: And how would you act, if you like removed all mentions of your team from social media. Like, took them out of the bio, all that type of stuff. 

Greg Olsen: I probably would offer a pay cut. The type of guy I am, I'd probably go to management and offer some of my salary to make this hypothetical player happier. 

Mr. Cat: Well, let's just go farther in the hypothetical - he's an elite wide receiver who also runs the ball, let's just pretend that's who we're talking about. 

Greg Olsen: Yeah, exactly, and whether that's a real person or not, I think just for argument's sake, it's a good comparison. It's a good talking point. You know, I think if you say you're on the same side of the ball, just to further the conversation even deeper, I think it's what you're obligated to do, especially if you have a young quarterback potentially coming into the role, but some guys are just built different than others. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, and as a tight end that would be on that side, it's like, you're responsible and you take a lot of pride in your blocking. So, a lot of those holds that are opening up are also because of the work that you're putting in on there. So, how do you weight, "Okay, I deserve this much money, which I may have just been paid on a new contract, versus how much do I want to pay my teammate to keep him around?"

George Kittle: This is a great hypothetical, boys.


Thanks for finally chiming in, George! It sure is a coincidence that this (hypothetical) conversation happened to take place while he was present. It's also interesting how Mr. Cat asked Greg Olsen this question as opposed to Kittle. It sure would have been interesting to hear his opinion on this (hypothetical) matter!