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A Hockey League For Enforcers By Enforcers Is Finally Here, And It's Pure Chaos

For the longest time all the nerds out there have been trying to take fighting out of hockey. You've got a bunch of nerds who watch the game through a calculator trying to tell enforcers that they no longer serve a role in the game. That their Corsi just isn't high enough, whatever the frick that means. 

The best part of hockey (besides Connor McDavid) is the game's ability to police itself. You want to send a bunch of jerkoffs out onto the ice and start taking runs at guys? Have fun answering the bell the next time one of the big fellas catches them out there on a shift and uses their skull as his personal speed bag. 

But again, there are dorks out there who don't appreciate that aspect of the game. They care more about stats that you need three PhD's to even comprehend than they do about players having the protection of their teammates out there. So if those idiots want to take fighting out of the game? Well then I guess it's time for a new game. 

Ice Wars. 

It's essentially just Rough n Rowdy on ice. Something I've been advocating for for a while now. No need for skill forwards. No need for goalies. No need for pucks or nets or sticks. Just give me a couple of bruisers squaring off at center ice and let the boys chuck some knucks until the cows come home. 

Now I still don't know all the ins and outs of this league. I'm not sure if this is just an every man for himself type of league or if there are teams or what. Either way, I know that Ice Wars has the potential to be huge. Potentially disastrous, but huge nevertheless. And I need to be a part of it. So we have to find a way to get involved here. Bettman has to be shaking in his boots.