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Tom Brady Holing Out While a Drone Follows His Shot Proves He is Not of This Earth

Brady posted this video only a short time ago. And judging by the initial reaction, about 5% of commenters think it's CGI. The fact that the first comment under it is his own, promoting his own brand of golf shirts would seem to give the skeptics argument some validity. And were it any other man, I'd say there's simply no way this is real. The odds of getting this shot - make that these shots, of both the golf and drone footage variety - are astronomical. It would require one of the best short game players in the world, say a Scott Brown or an Andy Ogletree. Plus the greatest drone operator in the land. The Steven Spielberg of capturing video with a flying toy. And an entire day of working with a union film crew including caterers, if you're lucky. 

But this isn't any other man. It's Tom fricking Brady. Astronomical? He is astronomical. In so far as he came here from beyond out world to show us what perfection in a living being looks and acts like. You might believed this is faked, but they said the same thing about the Tuck Rule and the final drive against the Rams in 2002 and a comeback from down 10 points in the 4th to Seattle and 28-3 and two touchdowns in the 4th to Danny Amendola against Jacksonville after nearly losing his thumb in practice. Not to mention the way he's younger now than he was when he did all these things. His entire existence is a simulation. Why should he suddenly experience our dull, desultory, mortal reality, limited by things like physics and the law of averages, just because he steps onto a golf course with a drone camera? 

If this were any other athlete, I'd be screaming "Fake!" louder than anyone. But the one we call Tom Brady is a luminous being from another dimension. Let's just enjoy the time we have witnessing the marvels he is capable of instead of doubting them.