Respect The Hell Out Of This Amateur Soccer Team Who Rented Out A Bus And Threw Their Own Parade After Winning A Title


[Source] - College Wanderers FC players swigged cans of lager, sang, and let off orange flares as they toured near-empty streets. 

The club’s 18 players each chipped in £40 to hire the bus and left their local boozer, The Talbot Inn, on Saturday for a pre-arranged route around Scunthorpe, Lincs.

They stopped off for a quick pint after an hour before getting back on board ahead of a BBQ and karaoke night back at the Talbot.

What a fucking move. It's not quite power move but it's an elite move, that's how I'd classify it. This team is made up of steel workers, a teacher and a car salesman - basically who Bob Cousy played against in the NBA. So if you win a title made up of this group, you do exactly this. Throw yourself a parade. Not even just the parade. You make an entire night out of it. Get some bbq, do some karaoke and then go back to the bar. 

The only thing they should have added was a little bar hopping. Turn it right into an event back from college, it's even in your team name! Show the town that you own it. You're a champion for crying out loud. You get to do whatever you want when you win a title. Parades shouldn't be reserved for the top leagues. Oh no. You're even helping out the local businesses and that's what we call a win-win. 


What really makes it awesome though is the fact they went open top bus. You can't just do a regular coach party bus. You gotta be standing up and singing and drinking like these guys. You need to be loud and have everyone coming out into the street wondering what the hell is going on. Like I said though, nothing but respect.