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"Ah, Son Of A Bitch" - Umpire Tom Hallion Forgot His Mic Was On And Gave The Arizona Crowd Something To Cheer About

I'm a sucker for a hot mic and boy did we get a good one last night in the Royals - Diamondbacks game. Umpire Tom Hallion AKA "Ass is in the jackpot" umpire from the Noah Syndergaard - Terry Collins video from a few years back gave us another mic'd up gem. As he was announcing to the crowd that they were going to review a play he went to put in the earpiece. He tried to put it in and it falls out immediately. He must have forgot his mic was on cuz he dropped a "Ah son of a bitch" which the entire crowd heard. Carlos Santana was on first and he heard it for sure, throws his hands out like "whoaaaa". The fans gave it a nice ovation too. I don't know why but it's always funny listening to people curse out loud, especially if it's into a microphone. No clue why. We hear that word everyday and no one bats an eye, but if it's said on TV or into a hot mic, it's hilarious. This is why umping up 70-year-old men is great, they don't know how their key fob works to get in a car and we expect them to know how to work these ear pieces and talk into a live mic? Sure. 

BTW this wasn't the first time Hallion has forgot to turn his mic on or off, here he is last week going through basically a full at-bat with the mic on for the entire press box to see. These umps are the best, I love a live hot mic. Especially when you're dropping curse words in front of an entire ballpark. I'm kind of surprised it took us this long to get it to happen, shocking it hasn't happened sooner.