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Reags Messed with the Honk & Got the Bonk!

Year 2 of The Dozen Trivia Tourney kicked off last night in spectacular fashion for the defending champion Big Screamin’ Honkers.

The Honkers opened in an 8 vs. 9 seed matchup against Out of Office. After winning the 2021 title, the champs limped into the tourney winless in 2022.

Even coming in as an 8 seed, the Honkers (Coley, Robbie Fox & me) still came in as a confident team ready to make another title run.


In last year’s title game, the Honkers smacked the Misfits. Barstool Reags was a member of that outfit & was still a bit salty one year later. He even brought up the Ole Miss/Kentucky game that got me hired by Barstool Sports.


The balls on this man to come at the King of the South like this?!?!

And he got exactly what he deserved….

Captain Coley came out Smokin’ hot & the Honkers regained title form throttling Out of Office 14-3 with the match ending in the 9th round!

I honestly expected A LOT more from both Reags & Chris Castellani. Some real shameful s*!

Let’s just say I had a few choice words for Reags after the match.

The defending champion Honkers advance to face the regular season champion Frank & The Frankettes in a MONSTER Quarterfinal.

I might just have to go into the mental bag of tricks for that one to combat the Tank…..

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