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The Yak Wheel Is Cruel, But The Yak Wheel Is Just

Yesterday we were only a few minutes into The Yak when Big Cat recalled seeing a box of 'Gel Blasters' guns somewhere in the office. He ran off to get them and - no free ads - but as soon as we realized how f*cking (fucking) awesome they were all hell broke loose. The power went right to our heads. 

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The gel pellets are like those little Orbeez that you soak in water so getting shot with one wouldn't break your skin, but it hurts just enough to make you yelp.. It's kinda like getting a rubber band snapped against your skin. Now imagine that feeling on fully auto.

Naturally, a way to make the Gel Blasters a wheel-centric activity quickly came into play… The idea was - spin the wheel & whoever's name it landed on had to get out of the room as fast as they could while everyone else went cyclic on 'em. As someone who's not on The Yak very often I didn't realize that The Wheel's resting state is a slow turn, so when I looked up and saw it slowly spinning to my name, I thought it was getting ready to stop on me. Without a second thought I bolted for the door, and so everyone decided to start blastin'. False start. But the wheel is just, even if you misinterpret it. 

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Not sure what's in store for the show today, but I've made sure to wear full coverage again & my eye protection goggles are on the ready.