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BBC TV Anchor Gave The Most Heartfelt Apology Blaming 'A Trainee' For Making Fun Of Manchester United On Their News Ticker

One of the longest running 'jokes' on Twitter and one that is 100% overplayed is saying something like 'the intern who tweeted this has been fired.' Tends to happen with a tweet with the wrong name, team, etc. But this? This is the actual case of this happening. The BBC (another word/initials that porn ruined) news anchor coming out and having a 45 second heartfelt apology for someone writing 'Manchester United are rubbish' is fucking hilarious. You would have thought the person who wrote that made fun of dogs on TV. 

This person isn't wrong. Manchester United are rubbish. They stink. Out here blowing a top-4 finish over the last couple of months. Losing their final match to Crystal Palace and finishing a DISTANT sixth. They stink. I love the guy who wrote this and they should be given a promotion right away. It's not even just the BBC. Check in on more media: 

They can't even win a press conference these days! Long, long way from the days of Sir Alex. I just can't get over the apology. It's half Anchorman, half boom goes the dynamite. I had to make sure it was real. Let this trainee write news tickers and captions for everything. Nothing but the honest truth no matter how brutal it might sound.