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Jeff McNeil Got Heckled By Some Giants Fan For Not Having Enough Power, Immediately Parked A Ball 408 Feet Over The Fence

I can't imagine there are many feelings better than hitting a big fly in the Big Leagues. But I think it's fair to say that hitting a big fly in the Big Leagues right in a heckler's fucking face that has been chirping your team the entire game then squirrel shuffling on his soul's grave has to be on the short list. 

Not that this heckler has been effective. Far from it. He's been screaming like an asshole all game and the Mets have just routinely been dusting whatever pitching machine the Giants have wheeled out there. It's pretty much like watching a real life version of this.

Love to see it. Love to watch it. Love to live it. This team is different. LFGM.

I need to go to bed because the kids are gonna be up in about 5 hours, so if the Mets can stop hitting bombs for a little bit so Gary's voice doesn't wake me up for the rest of the night, I'd truly appreciate it. Even though I love watching this loser take L's.

UPDATE: Okay, now shit is getting sad for the big bad Giants.