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The Florida Panthers Players Allegedly Decided To Hit The Strip Clubs The Night Before An Elimination Game

There are people on the internet and this guy on traditional terrestrial radio that are being pissy about the Panthers going out last night after losing again and facing elimination in game 4 tonight. 

First question? Did the Panthers go to strip clubs before any of the first three games of this series? No, they didn't. What'd that policy get them...three losses. No stone left unturned. When your back is against the wall you have to try anything. You have to look for answers everywhere. Maybe the answers are in the champagne room. You're 0-3. You gotta change up everything. If you normally put your left skate on first, you gotta go right skate first for game 4. If you use white tape, you gotta go with black. If you drink red bull for a boost, now you go monster. If you didn't go to the strip club, now you do. 

That's assuming that the Panthers even went to a strip club on purpose. They were probably just trying to get a nice team meal, talk about the game, and regroup before game 4, but they're in Tampa where any building you walk into has a 50/50 chance of being a strip club. You walk in the door order the milk shake and you get something you didn't sign up for. Before you know it you're in the Bermuda Triangle and you can't find your way out until dawn. Honestly, this could've happened to anyone. 

My gambling brain (which is moronic) says that you need to bet the Cats tonight. They had to blow off steam, clear their heads, and now they can play free and loose. 

Also, look how far this organization has come! 4-5 years ago the Panthers never would've been recognized coming out of a strip club on the road. As anonymous as it gets. Now, they're making old guys mad on talk radio. Credit to the entire organization for getting hockey to this point in South Florida. #GrowTheGame