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Public Nail Trimming vs. Not Cleaning Your Toilet, Who Ya Got?


So we had Nick, that conniving, twisted freak on the Dog Walk this week to draft "disgusting behaviors". Needless to say, I put his brain in a blender from the moment we hit record. Just a masterclass of mental warfare committed by me against Nick. 

I probably should be tried for war crimes, if we're being frank, ESPECIALLY after Nick draft "public nail trimming"

Look, public nail trimming is gross. I hate it, but in the end, it's probably only found on disgusting El lines or in some form of public transportation. Nobody with a functioning brain consciously decides to clip their nails in public. Those that do are a part of the underbelly of society. 

However, it came to my attention that none of my foul, disgusting coworkers clean their toilets. That is BY FAR worse than some mutant clipping their nails on the El. Me? I clean my toilet every few days. I have 2 bathrooms now (not to brag) so I get to rotate between them on where I deposit my bowels. That doesn't mean they're not both getting a healthy dose of generic brand Lysol every few days though. It's takes 30 seconds/toilet and you look great in the off chance you have a lucky lady of the evening over. That obviously doesn't apply to me, but I'm sure it does to others and girls are constantly bitching about bathroom cleanliness so just take the goddamn Lysol and spray down your goddamn toilets. 

For instance: Chief and I used to be neighbors. Lived about a block away from each other, so we were at each other's houses fairly regularly. I never brought it up publicly because I didn't want to put the kid old bastard on blast on the internet, but his bathroom was disgusting. We're talking hair all over the toilet (he blames it on his dog, wtf?), toothpaste all over the sink, soap scum on the walls, and ABHORRENT grout. 

Have some class for me ONE TIME, Chief. It made me want to puke every time I stepped foot in his house. It's bad. BAD BAD BAD! 

That's fine though. He is at least aware of societal norms now, and he can amend his vomit-inducing behavior. I'm glad I could coach him up on how to not live like a caveman, because not cleaning your toilet is the most vile thing on earth. 



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