Francisco Lindor Is The New Carlos Beltran


We got a fresh We Gotta Believe fresh off the podcast presses with special guest The Cuban Crusher from TikTok who gives us a breakdown of what it's like being a Mets fan raised in Florida before we dive into this weekend's Rockies series, best batting walk up songs, Frankie Montas trade rumors, and Drew Smith shooting the shot most closers wouldn't shoot, let alone newly minted 8th inning relievers.

That somehow got answered because everything Mets is coming up Aces  hese days

However, all roads in Metsland always lead us back to the Francisco Lindor Internet Civil War roaring between fans of the Amazins, which KFC broke down here.

At this point it is what it is. The Lindor haters will reference Lindor's comically low batting average numbers (.230 and .239 the last season and a quarter) and his comically high salary number ($341 MILLION for the next 10 years). The Lindor Apologists will reference that he leads the Mets in Runs, is 2nd in Home Runs and RBI this season all while playing a Gold Glove level shortstop (He is also 1st in Runs, 2nd in RBI, and 4th in HR for all MLB shortstops despite that low batting average since we are living in a Deadball Era due to that fuckface Rob Manfred) along with stats like this.

In the end, each side is dug in, will win the occasional battle due to how hot Francisco's bat gets but will never win the war because that's motherfucking baseball Suzyn. Then one day very long from now, Francisco Lindor will be gone and replaced with someone not as good at a premium position that will likely make us realize how much we miss him. That is exactly what happened with Carlos Beltran back in the mid 2000s and would've happened with Mike Piazza if he left for greener pastures after being booed by Mets fans in a season where he batted .348 for the Amazins because he had said that he simply WANTED to be paid a lot of money to play professional baseball very well.

Actually, Uncle Stevie will probably ensure the Mets have a stud at shortstop for the rest of his living days along with being in on whoever is the hottest free agent about to hit the market, which is why we are already dreaming of Juan Soto patrolling the Citi Field outfield (for the record, Soto is batting .243 with 8 home runs, 26 runs, and 13 RBI this season while Lindor is batting .239 with 6 home runs, 27 runs, and 24 RBI but that's another conversation for another time).

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TL;DR - If you are a Mets fan, enjoy watching a good team with good players on it because God knows we earned it.