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It Just Means More: Justin Thomas Wasted No Time To Make Fun Of Jimbo Fisher After Winning The PGA Championship

It's hard to argue against Justin Thomas as a favorite golfer. Easy dude to root for and then seems legit cool off the course. What I love here is he went full Bama fan. Jimbo Fisher won a title. He's a good coach. But you go at Alabama and Saban, reality goes out the window. You can't be rational. You can't sit here and talk about that one, single title Jimbo has when you cheer for Saban and Bama. One title is a failure for Bama fans. 

I love seeing coaches go at it too. College sports is dominated by coaches unlike pro sports. It's part of what made the old Big East so good when you had personalities like John Thompson, Boeheim, Calhoun, Lou Carnesecca, Rollie, etc. A&M and Bama having coaches willing to take shots at each other is entertaining. They don't need to be buddy-buddy. You want to call someone out, call them out. I don't care if it's hypocritical or anything like that. We're talking about sports here, there's supposed to be a little bit of hate and anger involved. 


Hell of a week for JT though. Sure, winning helps. But he also reminded the world about the dab

And now he's chiming in on the biggest talking point in college football right now. Good week to be JT. I hope this escalates by Jimbo somehow taking a shot at Justin Thomas. Get everyone from Alabama to A&M involved Royal Rumble style. Need Khris Middleton to call out Saban, Von Miller and Latrell Sprewell to get into it. Let's keep the shit talking going.