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Fear Not America; Logan And Jake Paul Are Coming To Our Rescue as Logan Announces He'll Be Running For President in 2032 and Bringing His Brother Jake With Him

WSJ - Logan Paul won’t sugarcoat it: Not just anybody can be a successful influencer.

“You have to have something special about you,” Mr. Paul said at The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival on Wednesday. “I think it has to be innate, an authentic likability, and you’re filling a hole that no one is really just yet.”

Mr. Paul said that surveys have shown the majority of Gen Z wants to be social-media influencers and lamented that aspiration. “I’m like, ‘No, please be careful.’” He added, “We need doctors. Be a doctor!”

Mr. Paul, who said he had a 4.0 grade-point average when studying to become an industrial systems engineer before dropping out of college, said that working in media not only allows him to exercise the creative part of his brain but is also more fun.

Asked about Elon Musk’s whipsawing bid to buy Twitter Inc., Mr. Paul said that he believes in the billionaire and that free speech is important but that moderation is needed.

“The spread of disinformation is incredibly dangerous, incredibly dangerous, and it needs to be moderated,” he said.

A decade from now, he may be finding out just how much people like him. “I, Logan Paul, will be running for president in 2032,” he said with a laugh.

 When asked what role Jake would have, Paul laughed and replied: "Jake is Secretary of Defense".

Tell me where Logan's wrong? I'll wait.

Not everybody is cut out to be an influencer. Words truer have never been spoken. 

You think it's easy out there for these social media titans? Quite the contrary. As Logan says, “it has to be innate, an authentic likability, and you’re filling a hole that no one is really just yet.” Meaning you have to be born with it. Like Michael (Tyson, Jackson, Jordan, Game 6). You can't just work your ass off and become one, like "a doctor" or something average like that. 

So with that said and out of the way, what better person to fill the role of the leader of the free world than somebody who was basically born a king? 

If this was ancient Egypt Logan Paul would basically already be a child king (Pharaoh), so President of the US of A is the next closest thing. 

I think we can all agree that we've really evolved as a society in electing reality tv stars and celebrities to the highest office in the land instead of the career politicians. 


And this isn't some fly by night idea he had sitting down with big J Wall St Journal either. He's been manifesting this shit for years!

In an old episode of his podcast 'Impaulsive', Paul guaranteed that he would be President before he dies. He also considered waiting until he turned 50 to make his run, as he will have more "intelligence and wisdom" and that age.

Speaking of his Presidency plans earlier this year, he said on The MMA Hour : “I’m 26 and I’ll be eligible to run for president when I’m 35. That gives me nine more years to become the best version of myself possible and to learn as much as I can about people, culture, society, where we fall short and where we are strong.

“I just think I’ll be a good leader one day and I think the presidential spot needs a fresh take. I think the country could use a person who is a little bit more nuanced, more innovative and authentic because I think a lot of politicians fall short.

There's arguably nobody hotter in the game right now than Dave's BFF Logan. And he's still got 10 years to only get bigger and hotter before he actually runs.

(Pray for his opponent).

Speaking of opponents, did you now he got into boxing because he saw an opportunity to fill a huge void?

Mr. Paul called his decision to get into boxing a “cheat code.”

He said that it was easy to tell that the sport was ripe for the spectacle that ultimately saw Mr. Paul go eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather. When children brawl on a playground, all the attention goes to those fighting, he said, adding that the same rule applies to adults.

“If you have enough of a draw, and you’re willing to get in the ring or that octagon and quite literally risk your life for entertainment, put the work behind it and you’ve got a formula for success,” he said.

Mr. Paul’s other recent business endeavors include releasing a lifestyle hydration drink with former boxing rival KSI called Prime Hydration and creating an NFT community set up to fund other entertainment projects. He credits his ideas to what he says is his ability to understand what people like.

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The best part is he and brother Jake are a package deal.

Remember when Russia invaded Ukraine and we were talking about the Klitschko brothers and what a bad ass duo they made? 

Yah well now we'll have our own version of boxing royalty representing the red white and blue. And they probably have more followers on every social media platform then any of our enemy country's entire populations. Suck on that Kim Jong Un!

Best part too is they're interchangable.

“Personally I have trouble watching because I know that you are reading off a teleprompter and this speech was written for you by a campaign manager and I’m not like that.”

Jake also plans to give his brother's Presidency hopes a run for his money, previously stating the pair would "flip a coin" to decide who gets to be the President: "I might be President, he might," Jake told Overtime. "I think we're gonna flip a coin and see who gets to be the president versus Vice President. [Logan] is more PC [politically correct] and he's likeable, where I'm like the villain."

Hit the fuckin music -