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I Can't Stop Watching Ginuwine Hit This Electrifying Jump Split Right As "Pony" Drops

Forgive me for being late to the party here. Hardcore Ginuwine fans out there I mean no offense here. I'm sure this is old news as it appears it's his "thing", and has been going on for years. 


Making grand entrances is just what G does.

But I cannot get enough of this.

And talk all the shit you want on the guy, call him a "has been". I dare you. Because according to Tank, Ginuwine will "beat your motherfucking ass"

Talk about the perfect drop by his DJ too. Right as he sticks the landing the first chords of that bass kicks in and the crowd loses it. 

What a show stopper of a finale. I need to go to a Ginuwine show STAT now. Best part is I always seem him on those throwback lineups that are absolutely stacked with 2000's talent- 112, Jagged Edge, Tyrese, Joe, SWV, En Vogue, Salt n Peppa, Jodeci, etc. 

Getting to hear all of them is well well worth the price of admission.

Getting to witness this in person is just a bonus.


p.s. - it appears Miguel is trying to come for the crown…

p.p.s. - shout out to the greatest performance of "Pony" all-time by Jenna Dewan