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Soccer Tough: Noel Gallagher Got Stitches After Getting Headbutted By A Player's Dad, Returns To Celebrate Man City's Ridiculous EPL Win

It's been well-documented that Noel Gallagher fucking loves Man City. He loves them so much so that he'd take a headbutt from Ruben Dias' dad, get some stitches and return to celebrate. (h/t Telegraph)

“So I'm jumping around like an idiot, passing my 11-year-old son around like the Premier League trophy, everyone is lifting him up, and I turn around and Rúben Dias' dad runs straight into me - headbutts me while I'm on the floor covered in blood.”

Gallagher required several stitches but returned to continue the celebrations and even later saw City manager Pep Guardiola.

To quote Puddy, gotta support the team man. You think a couple stitches would prevent Noel Gallagher from celebrating a Premier League win? Hell no. Not the way they did it. 

I'm always baffled by the headbutt move. It's a real risk/reward type move. It can't feel good and if you miss the target or catch the wrong part of your head, you're in as much pain. Now I know this specific situation was an accident and celebration, I'm talking grand scheme of headbutts. Just to stick to a punch. You know you got a crazy person on your hands when they go to a headbutt right away. 

Giphy Images.

Then again if my team came back from 2-0 down and won on this goal you could headbutt me too: 

Now get the band back together and play Wonderwall.