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Some Men Want to Watch the World Burn: Someone in the Crowd at Anfield Started a Rumor That Aston Villa Had Scored to Give Liverpool the Premier League Title, Causing an Emotional Rollercoaster

Manchester City and Liverpool were vying for the Premier League title down to the final day of the season on Championship Sunday. A City loss or draw in addition to a Liverpool win would have given the Reds their second title in three years. So after Man City scored an unbelievable three goals in just over five minutes to take a 3-2 lead over Aston Villa, someone in the crowd at Anfield apparently said Villa had leveled the game again.

And everyone believed it.

I can't imagine a feeling of greater power than getting an entire stadium of people to believe their team has just won the Premier League. Everyone in attendance at yesterday's Liverpool game cares about that club more than their own families and one man got to watch them go from pure elation to despair in a matter of moments, all because of him.

I'd ask how this can possibly happen in 2022 given the fact everyone has a smartphone, but you know how it is. The one guy in your section who can get a signal in a stadium is the king for three hours. And in a situation like this where the trophy is changing hands by the minute and somebody screams out that Aston Villa just tied Man City, of course you're going to believe it. React first, ask questions later.

Unfortunately for all those folks in that video, City's third goal from Ilkay Gündogan was the last one of the game and they took home their fourth Premier League trophy in five seasons.