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Ex Bronco and Current CFL WR Whooped Some United Airlines Kiosk Clerk at Newark Airport This Weekend

This video was burning up the socials yesterday.

A good old fashioned one on one airport throw down. No headgear. No gloves. Nobody jumping in from the outside and sucker punching anybody.

Just this DJ Khaled lookalike United Airlines worker pulling a Michael Douglas on the job and saying enough is enough and taking matters into his own hands. Literally.

And boy what a regrettable decision that was.

I dug for the longer video because I’m just a small j journalist like that. 

In the extra 15 seconds you can see DJ Khaled clearly provokes things by coming from around the counter and squaring up.

Before doing this and allowing things to get to this point, you should always consider who your opponent could possibly be. For me, in this day in age, this kind of shit is mindless. It’s 2022. You NEVER know what kind of crazy you’re dealing with. At the worst, the chances you could be asking to get stabbed or shot are very high. On the other hand, you’ve got all these MMA guys out there now who look small or wiry but who in actuality could beat the fucking bag out of you. And your buddies. And probably laugh to themselves the whole time doing it.

It’s never worth it.

In this case DJ Khaled came back for another one against a pro football player.

Not a wise decision as the highlight tape shows.

Somewhere over the 2 year covid lockdowns airports became the new saloon.

Wild. Fucking. West.

Thankfully we still have TSA holding it down and prohibiting people from bringing guns inside the terminal to fly with. If that went out the window these weekly fight videos would look like duels from the OK Corral.

People are so freakin angry and pent up with rage at airports. And all it takes is one little thing to set them off and hell breaks loose.

Flying is a miserable experience. For every person involved. (unless you’re one of those big shots who flies private). Grin and bear it for a few hours and have some manners for crying out loud. Especially you animals rushing the aisle from the back of the plane when it lands. Clean it up people.

p.s.- not sure what it is about Newark airport but man was this on brand. Way easier to fly into and out of than LaGuardia (though nowhere near as nice now (a blog for another day)) but man are the people who work there mad at the world. Miserable isn’t even the word. Just angry and pissed off at everybody. What the hells going on over there?