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Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Got The Hottest Crew Together To Watch Wrexham Play A Final In Their First Season As Owners

So yesterday was the FA Trophy final at Wembley and we had Wrexham playing in it. The FA Trophy may sound familiar, but you'd be thinking of FA Cup. We really need new names in soccer. Anywho, the FA Trophy is basically the same thing as the FA Cup but for 'non-league clubs who pay their players' which is levels 5-8 of English soccer. It also means that our beloved Wrexham was eligible to play in it since they are in National League, which is 5th tier. 

Let me tell you something. They brought out the hottest crew to possibly watch a soccer match together. 

Eddie Keogh - The FA. Getty Images.
Kieran Cleeves - PA Images. Getty Images.

Now, I can call them the hottest group to watch soccer because I'm a confirmed hot guy. Joey's words, not mine. 


And sure, it didn't work. Wrexham lost 1-0 but they are having a hell of a season in year 1 under the big name owners. Made the FA Trophy Final, finished 2nd in National League with a chance for promotion in the playoffs. They get the winner of Notts Counts/Grimsby Town. Need to see Wrexham keep making its way up the leagues. I want nothing more than seeing Wrexham on a Saturday morning playing in the Premier League. 

The look of successful owners and who I want to buy the Knicks: 

It's honestly cool seeing them have success. It'd be a bummer if they were out here losing all the time. I don't know many people who hate Mac and/or Ryan Reynolds. And let's be honest, you get Blake Lively content.