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Charles Barkley Showed Up In Dallas On A Damn Horse Because Charles Barkley Does Whatever He Wants

Welp we have a new entry to the greatest entrance awards. It's up there with Stone Cold coming in on a beer truck, Sting dropping from the rafters, Ultimate Warrior sprinting and Charles Barkley. Not a bad group. I just love Chuck's commitment to the Dallas bit. He's going to do whatever he wants as he should. It's what makes this show actually work. Let him and Shaq scream at each other, let Kenny Smith think he's making a bunch of valid points and hope EJ can keep it all together. 

Kind of shocking that Chuck was able to get off the horse so easily if we're being honest: 


Let that horse eat whatever it wants tonight. I need Chuck to figure out different ways to come into games from here on out. Mix it up. Best show on TV man.