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Mito Pereira's Meltdown On The 72nd Hole Of The PGA Championship Was Devastating To Watch

Dude. That was bruuuuutal to watch. 18 is one of the toughest holes at Southern Hills and making par is easier said than done, but that was all the fella needed. He was absolutely nails all day holding the 54 hole lead where guys were constantly making moves and joining the co-lead, but he hung tough for so many holes and got the thing so damn close to the finish line and then his soul left his body on the 18th tee box.

Have to feel for the guy. He's relatively unknown and almost pulled off the biggest upset in golf we've seen in years. There's been a tremendous run of top tier golfers winning majors and there's a ton of great players who still haven't gotten that first major, and Mito was about to steal one out from right under everyone's nose. And then that happened. 

You could tell how rattled he was by how he seemed to struggle just to even step into his putt for double on 18. Understandably so. What's worse is that this putt fell a quarter of a revolution short for birdie on 17. 

Guy would've had the 2 shot cushion to likely take driver out of the bag on the next tee box. 

So close. Hopefully it doesn't haunt him forever.

Tough, tough interview but you gotta respect the heck outta him even doing it.