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The Cardinals Brought In Yadier Molina As A Closer To Protect An 18 Run Lead

Yadi Molina and Albert Pujols really are just doing whatever they want out there. They're like the seniors in high school with a week left. You can't really tell them to not do something, they're going to do whatever they want. Neither of them had ever pitched in their combined 87 years in the bigs, and now they've both done in the span of like 2 weeks. The Cards brought in Yadi to protect this 18 run lead in Pittsburgh, nice of them to trust him with a lead like that. And of course Albert came out to warn him up, gotta make sure your guy gets loose. Naturally he came in and gave up 4 hits, 4 runs, 2 of which were bombs. But he did close it out and got 3 outs and now officially has an ERA of 36.00. Hall of fame catcher, not so great on the mound which is to be expected. This has been fun to watch these 2 guys have as much fun as they can this year. They're gonna have as much fun as they can in their last season.