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Josh Donaldson Is A Scumbag

So all these greasy, disgusting, LOSER Yankee fans are in my mentions, which is fine. Typically, I welcome the back and forth, even if that means they're defending Josh Donaldson, the biggest d in all of baseball. Even though I fucking hate him, Donaldson always played a good heel and heels aren't necessarily a bad thing. 

But now it sounds like we have ourselves a racist heel on our hands:

Yeah not sure here. Context matters for sure. Maybe it was a running joke between them. There's a non-zero chance of that I guess. But on the heels of TA and Donaldson getting into it last week in Chicago, and on the heels of Donaldson being a complete cunt every time he plays the White Sox no matter the uniform he's wearing, I *highly* doubt Donaldson is dumb enough to think he and TA are chummy enough to be able to throw off-color jokes his way. No shot. That tells me he knew what he was doing, was frustrated, made the comment, and now he's trying to cover his tracks.

Or he is that dumb. If that's the case, he's an ignorant scumbag.

Looking forward to the 98MPH Michael Kopech fastball to his ribcage tomorrow and how his teammates defend him on this one now that he's admitted it. 

And to all the greasy yankees fans that think this is a White Sox vs. Yankees issue, it's not. It's White Sox vs. Donaldson and has been for years. This goes back to his time with both the Twins and the Jays. Guy fucking sucks, plain and simple. Even Gerrit Cole said as much 

But WSD, you fat illiterate oaf, they're best friends now that they're teammates!!! They shake hands in the dugout!!!

Yeah no shit they want each other to play well on the field. Of course they are pumped when each other does well. Their individual successes depend on the success of the other to some extent. But that doesn't mean they're all buddy buddy and that Donaldson isn't a punk bitch. He reminds me of Adam Eaton, just a douchey little turd