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This Video Of A Mets Fan Watching Pete Alonso's Walk Off Against The Cardinals Yesterday With His Dad Who Suffers From Alzheimer's Is True Heartwarming Stuff

Don't wanna get all mushy on you guys on a Saturday morning, but that video right there is the epitome of #SomeThings. Being a fan of any baseball team isn't easy, let alone being a fan of the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club. However with baseball it's always about the countless 162 game journeys you share with your loved ones that made you a fan over the occasional World Series championship destination. 

Which is why you absolutely LOVE to see such a great moment that this son was able to set up due to the awful disease his dad is fighting. The slight chatter before the bomb, the "fucking yeah man" as that fuckbomb cleared the fence, and most of all the slight voice quiver during that "Ohh ohhhhhh" that can only come from years of watching the Mets lose games like that. That's the stuff that makes caring wayyyyyy too much about the day-to-day of a season that is wayyyyy too long worth it. If the last couple of years has done anything, it's hammered home to cherish every minute you have with your loved ones. Hopefully these two get to see the payoff of this year's Mets journey with one of those World Series championships sooner rather than later and we get to see them celebrate that too.


Fuck it, I said I wasn't going to get mushy but I'm putting James Earl Jones' Field of Dream speech at the end of this blog along with the "Wanna have a catch" scene then get back to chopping these onions.