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Chaos At RnR As Spider Gets Thrown Off The Ropes & Shizzat The Rizzat Is Arrested

This was, hands down, my favorite Rough N Rowdy to date and I've seen them all. The tech was flawless (shout out All Biz Pete), the commentators (Large, PFT, Robbie, Big Cat) legit crushed it, the ring girls were fantastic, the crowd was electric (and extremely buzzed), the fights were... well, who give a shit about that part... but the chaos was unmatched. 

Towards the end things got extra nuts when Spider was thrown from the ring:

And then after a shocking end to the main event between Big Dick Booty Daddy and Bobby Laing, Shizzat the Rizzatt got involved and flew into fisticuffs with Big Dick Booty Daddy. 

The cops swarmed within seconds & Shizzatt was taken away in cuffs. Thankfully PFT Commenter caught up with him, but in his quest to free Shizzatt, PFT accidentally showed the police a video incriminating him further as we all watched in real time. 


Glad to hear luck was on his side though, and after a successful Twitter campaign to #FreeShizzatt he has been released. 

A genuine thank you to everyone who bought the fight & followed along with us tonight. Great work by everyone at Barstool from content to behind the scenes. Large, hope your hangover isn't too bad tomorrow.

You can still buy the fight and watch it on demand here. It was a fantastic night.