Hayden Christensen's Reaction To Finding Out He'd Play Anakin Skywalker Again Is Awesome

You won't find more people willing to defend Hayden Christensen than me. Don't get me wrong, he's not exactly a star in the prequels, though I do think he's passable in "Revenge Of The Sith," which holds up very well. I come to his defense because the issues that played the prequels had nothing to do with him. "Shattered Glass" is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time, and he's a big reason for that. But the biggest issue with those movies is the dialogue. I don't care if you're De Niro in the 80s. No one could've delivered "I don't like to sand" it with gravitas. Was he the perfect Anakin Skywalker? No. But as a child of the prequels, he was our Anakin Skywalker, so I'm always going to appreciate him. 

I'm really, really looking forward to the Obi-Wan series more than any "Star Wars" related property in a while because it seems like they have the right idea with this, and bringing back Hayden Christensen is a unique idea. Now I have a theory, and I could be proven wrong, that I don't think Christensen will have that big part in the show. Maybe I'm off the mark, but outside of wearing the suit, I don't believe that Anakin Skywalker will have a lot of face-to-face with Obi-Wan in the series. But one of the few good things about the post-Disney "Star Wars" revival is the fact that "Star Wars" fans who tend to be a little bit (actually, a lot) toxic are that they've come around to some people that they probably mistreated. I have always really respected Hayden Christensen because he seems to have an excellent feel for "Star Wars" lore. I think fans get upset when they feel like an actor has not done the research for a character. I remember Jesse Eisenberg admitted that he didn't read any Superman comics before playing Lex Luthor. I wouldn't say I like that. And when you have an actor like Hayden Christensen, who left Hollywood for a while, getting the opportunity to play a role that made him famous once again, I think that's pretty cool. I hope he doesn't suck in it because that would be insanely depressing. At the same time, it's good to see him back. He's earned it.