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Stop What You’re Doing Right Now And Watch This Amazing Behind The Scenes Clip Of Max Scherzer Congratulating Eduardo Escobar On Officially Reaching 10 Years Of Service Time

Little bit of a mouthful there in the title but every word is accurate. I almost called it Must Watch but ultimately I understand the burden that carries. Even so this is as close as it gets for me around baseball. Behind the scenes in the clubhouse. The boys hanging out just shooting the shit, playing cards and talking about girls. The camaraderie and companionship is unmatched in my life of experiences. And then you get the most respected active player to get up with a prepared speech for his teammate congratulating him on 10 years.

Why is 10 years significant?

It’s means you qualify for the first level of pension. The next comes at 15 years but 10 years is basically a super rare accomplishment. Very few players end up getting that much service time and the number will only continue to diminish with more and more advancements to scouting and player development and analytics. So while a small accomplishment to some, those who are aware understand the significance. It basically means you’re a made man in the union. 10 years is no joke.


My biggest takeaway tho is that Max Scherzer is worth every penny even with a bad oblique. You can just see the way he commands his shit around his teammates. Nothing but attention with him standing in front of the boys. You can feel it from here on the blog. When Max talks, you listen.

I’d love to see more of this kinda content. Lately the broadcasters and producers of this world think we want more cameras on parents. That we want more stories from childhood and zany stats. That is false. We want more access to the guys behind normal human beings and cool dudes and doing shit like this. Don’t complicate things. Just give us more insight into the guys off the field without cutting to an interview with the high school sweetheart or a mom with bad eye shadow. I’ve seen enough.

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