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Highlights Without Rights: Pete Alonso Walks It Off Vs. The Cardinals

Back in the early HQ2 days when Chernin first bought into Barstool, we created some Highlights Without Rights videos since no self respecting sports league would give Barstool SPORTS rights to use their broadcast. Even though we have upgraded to HQ3 with a billion more employees with digital wizards capable of stuff my dumb brain cannot comprehend, none of that has changed, hence the video above. 

Shout out to my 7-year-old daughter Siena for crushing the camera work all the way until the end, even though she kinda missed my awesome jump into home plate, which means she doesn't get any dessert after dinner tonight. Portnoy said all we need for good content is an iPhone and an idea, so I guess we'll take the good with the bad now that production resources have been reallocated to shows I'm not on. Nonetheless, it feels good being Polar Bear Clem for a day, even if mistakenly wearing my Yard Goats helmet instead of my Mets helmet may shatter the illusion that I was indeed Pete Alonso.

Also here’s a fresh new video of Mike Breen calling Alonso’s helmet toss.

For any Mets fans looking to relive the high of yesterday's Fuckbomb along with the requisite chatter about Max Scherzer's oblique injury now that tonight's game has been postponed due to a snowstorm in late May, check out today's We Gotta Believe episode.


Now let's end the week with some old school Highlights Without Rights videos before we watch Rough N Rowdy tonight (BUYRNR.COM) from the incredible This Day In Barstool Sports Twitter account.