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The Cubs And Diamondbacks Have Combined For 10 Home Runs Today And The Game Is STILL Going On

We’ll how about that shit. I said earlier today I would play over 27.5 and I actually meant it. The wind is straight up SCREAMING out to center field. I haven’t seen anything like it in my life even though it was the exact same thing a couple weeks ago when the Cubs and Pirates combined for 21 runs. 21-0 cubs.

Anyways crazy ass day at the park and it’s still the 7th inning as I type this. Willson Contreras just got tossed. It’s been a wild game and exactly the kind that scares the shit out of starting pitchers.

Three????? Fuck me

Even the Mt Carmel kid is getting in on it. Crazy ass day. Subscribe to starting9 so you can hear me and Jake Arrieta talk about pitching in Wrigley next episode