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Classic SNAFU: Army Officer Acts Like Scumbag, Faces No Real Consequences

SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. Case in point:

The full story of how this all went down (starting at 09:30 on ZeroBlog30) is so wildly absurd that your initial instinct is almost to laugh; 'A commander motor-boated a junior soldier?? During a promotion ceremony? Wait, what??'

I even had to double check if it was real because it seemed too ridiculous to be true. But it is true, and the more details you read the more your heart sinks, especially if you've served. It's not some light, wacky story involving a sex-move made popular by Wedding Crashers... Crosby creeped on her for months, bragged about his intent to others, caught her off guard, & then put her in a terrible, degrading position. And then, in the least surprising outcome ever, the Army let him get away with it scott free. No loss of pay, no knock-down in rank, keeps his honorable discharge, etc... 

When I first joined the military I knew nothing besides what I'd seen in the media; it was the height of the war & troops were being praised and held up as our best & most noble Americans. In most cases that is true... but imagine my shock when I got to the fleet and learned there are some big time scumbags, too, and that they can go alllll the way up the ranks unchecked. This clown is a pretty good example and they're an embarrassment to all who serve. 

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