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Here's Everything You Need To Know Heading Into The NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals

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We're down to just 7 games left in the 2022 college lacrosse season, and 4 of them are this weekend at Hofstra and Ohio State. We've got a rematch of the 2021 National Championship game between Maryland and Virginia. We've got Yale trying to make it back to the Final Four for the 3rd straight season they've been a part of (obviously missed last year because the Ivy League is run by cowards). Delaware is hoping that it Feels Like '07 and they make a return to championship weekend. Rutgers is looking to make it to the Final Four for the first time in program history. Penn, Princeton, Cornell all looking to make sure everybody knows that Memorial Day Weekend is for the nerds. 

So to get you ready for quarterfinals weekend, we previewed all the matchups in today's episode of The Crease Dive and gave our picks on the games. We also start off the episode by talking about the new "Championship Series" tournament the PLL added to the offseason schedule starting next February. 

Saturday 5/21

#3 Penn vs #6 Rutgers // Noon

I've said this about Penn plenty of times so far but they have the ability to be really friggin' good, or just really friggin' okay. Like they're never going to be a BAD team, but they also have moments where they aren't dialed and those moments will last for almost a full quarter. Rutgers obviously likes to play fast and get going in transition, so if Penn has a bad quarter of lacrosse on Saturday then there's a chance Rutgers can start to really pull away. Can't let that happen. 

My thought here is that Penn looked just okay last weekend and they were still able to (barely) survive Richmond in overtime. I think that game will be the little kick in the ass they really need to get going here. On the flip side, Rutgers spanked the balls off of Harvard so they'll be feeling a little too good about themselves. 

Jordie's Pick: Penn gets back to championship weekend for the first time since '88.

#4 Yale vs #5 Princeton // 2:30pm

I think this will end up being the least contested game of the weekend. This is where Yale thrives. They've been to 3 straight Final Fours, and Princeton is just happy to be playing this late into the season. The only thing I'm really worried about in this game is if Handsome Dan makes the trip to Hofstra for the game. It's supposed to be in the 90s on Saturday. Keep that good boy in the shade at all times. 

Jordie's Pick: Yale, fairly big.

Sunday 5/22 

#7 Cornell vs Delaware // Noon

Delaware already knocked off the #2 team in this tournament (even though there's no way Georgetown was actually the 2nd best team in the nation). What's stopping them from doing the same thing to the #7 team in the tournament? They've got nothing to lose, they're going to be playing with a ton of confidence, and have a bunch of guys offensively who can fill the back of the net. The only issue is that Cornell has CJ Kirst and Gavin Adler, Delaware does not. But they do have Mike Robinson and Owen Grant, so I'd call that a wash. 

Jordie's Pick: Blue Hens. Team of Destiny. 

#1 Maryland vs Virginia // 2:30pm

We've mentioned this before and we'll mention it again--the fact that this game is being played on Sunday and not next weekend is a total travesty. Everybody knew heading into the season that the two best teams this year would be Maryland and Virginia. Everyone knew we'd have to run back this matchup to determine who wins the national championship this year. And for it to come in a quarterfinal matchup all because the selection committee is a bunch of clowns? Makes me sick. But this is the biggest game of the weekend and probably the biggest game of the season since whoever wins this will most likely win on the 30th. 

Jordie's Pick: Maryland is just too deep for anyone to handle.