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Only Tottenham: Right Before The Last Match Of The Season And A Top-4 Finish, We're Getting Rumors The Team Is Hit With Food Poisoning

What the fuck man? Only Tottenham. All we gotta do on Sunday to lock in a top-4 finish is tie Norwich City. Let me rephrase that. All that's needed to lock in a top-4 finish is tie already relegated and last place Norwich City. That's all. Norwich has won ONE match since February 5th. That's all. And now we're dealing with this. Rumors that Spurs got hit with food poisoning. Another report saying otherwise but it's not clear if Kane will play. Fuck man, just get healthy and go out there and tie. 

I don't even know how these rumors start. I do want to start this for random teams here in America. Just catch wind that the starting right guard for Eastern Washington is sick and the entire team ate some bad chicken. See how that goes over. Sure it's not a Champions League berth type thing, but a rumor is a rumor. 

Just tie baby. The motto all weekend. I can't do another Champions League without Tottenham. I need my heart ripped out and I need Lucas magic. 

Need all the lads together, shit their brains out and feel better. Flush the system, run faster.