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Nothing Like A Little Penalty Cheat Sheet On The Water Bottle To Send The Boys To The Playoff Final

That was the scene as Brice Samba saved his third penalty shot to send Notthingham Forest to Wembley Stadium for the playoff final. Absolute madness. A sea of English people who had been tortured for basically their entire lives now with their best chance ever to get back to the Premier League. Those English guys were predicting doom before the game and then before the penalties. One guy was pushing this stat in everyone's face before the first shot


That man didn't know that Samba came prepared. A literal penalty cheat sheet taped to his water bottle. You know...just in case. 

And it worked BRILLIANTLY

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Samba has heard that before. He did his homework. Or cheated on his homework. However you want to frame it. It worked and Forest are through to the final to cap an absolutely magical year. Most fun I've had as a sports fan in YEARS. Your boy is going to London for the game. I leave a week from today. Worth every penny. 

If you're wondering why I am blogging a story about a 2nd tier English soccer team…well…it's because Chicago sports aren't fun to talk about at the moment