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Thank You Heavenly Father For Answering The Common Man's Prayers, Chicken Wing Prices Are Seeing Deflation

Well if this isn't the best news I've seen in at least 2 years. I know America's pastime has shifted from baseball to furiously typing away their unasked for opinions on social media, debating topics like the Supreme Court, sending money to Ukraine, Elon Musk, and gun control. This country has never been more divided, but perhaps the one thing that can bring our people back together is addressing the outrageous rise in chicken wing prices. A bi-partisan effort to pass a chicken farm stimulus package that would reinstate the 30 cent wing nights that used to pop up on Tuesdays throughout the midwest. People acting like gas prices are the biggest price increase that is crippling the common man, but I'd rather pay $4.85 for a gallon of gas than $20 for 10 wings. Nowadays, it's unheard of to find anything less than a dollar per. A standard order of 12 wings and fries is going for $25 on the regular, and even worse, some menus are reading Market Price like they're pricing a seafood tower at a 5-star restaurant. Dante blogged nearly a year ago that chicken wing prices were up 99%, but now it sounds like we're finally flattening the curve.

The price of wings last year .. hit $3.22 a pound, and we fast forward to today, and it’s $1.63 a pound,” Skipworth said in an interview

Then why haven't we seen chicken wing prices drop in half too, Skip? There is not a restaurant within 100 miles of me that reflects chicken wing prices being half of what they were a year ago. I want an investigation into Big Chicken because we're getting price gouged out here.

Also, my dumb brain simply doesn't understand how wing prices are so high. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if we want to bring down the price of chicken wings, we simply need more chickens. Basic supply and command. 

Sounds like the poultry companies are finally taking their junior year of high school Econ course...

“There’s a lot of demand for breast meat, and breast meat is where these poultry companies make their profit, and so they’re growing as many birds as they can right now, which means a lot of supply for wings out there,” he said.

Grow those birds!!! I would hate for prices to still be this high when football season comes back around. We'd get out of one pandemic just to go right into another.