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Gary calling game instantly was maybe the most beautiful sound these ears have ever heard. But the silence of the Cardinals broadcast is a close second.

My dumbass laughing right after it happened isn't third, but I blacked out while shooting this.

Can't believe Pete's baseball landed all the way in Chitown!

HO-LY FUCK. Between the Scherzer news, the Diaz "blown save", and the Cardinals black magic, this year's Mets have never needed a walkoff fuckbomb more than that. Not only did Pete hit the ball deeeeeeeep into the Citi Field seats, but he was swishing shit from way downtown like Polar Bear Steph Curry.

I'm losing my mind and losing my breath. We are live discussing the game, Max's injury, and all the other chaos in Metsland now. Oh yeah and Frank The Tank just joined.