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Introducing Barstool’s Most Dangerous Gameshow, Presented by Mattress Firm


A couple months ago I walked over to Rob and Logan on the branded content/reality side of the office and just said a phrase. “‘The Most Dangerous Gameshow.” 

I framed it with my hands and let it linger there in the air. They didn’t know what it meant at the time. I didn’t even know. But it was alluring. Dangerous. 

That idea blossomed and turned into Barstool’s Most Dangerous Gameshow presented by Mattress Firm. 

It’s not Surviving Barstool. It’s not Barstool vs America. It’s not a spin-off or our “take” on another show. It’s a completely different, completely new reality/competition show that we’ve spent the last several months sculpting into existence.

I can’t say too much about the show. The contestants don’t even know what they’re getting into. But just know that come July, upon the release of that show, we’ll be entering the next era of Barstool’s reality programming.

Let’s have some fun.