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After What Feels Like 2 Years, Rihanna Gives Birth To A Baby Boy With ASAP Rocky

CONGRATULATIONS FINALLY! I swear to god Rihanna has been about to pop since the second she announced the pregnancy. I'm hearing the baby was actually born on May 13 (a Taurus, excellent sign) and the fam is happy and healthy. 

Hollywood is really pumping out the kids lately, huh? The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the media is showing off all these kids to get people to want to have their own. WELL ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN HERE, BUCKO! I love babies, when they belong to other people. Rihanna's baby is no exception, and I can't wait to see what's next to come for their family. Will she go full-mommy-blogger? Will she NEVER post the child? Will it have better outfits than her? Time will tell, and I'm all in. As long as I get to sign off the internet and return home, alone, just how I like it. 

Another note - Rihanna was too pregnant to go to the Met Gala, so they carved her body in stone and had it on display. Obviously.