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The Next Time Your Wife Tells You Not To Go Play Poker With The Boys, Show Her This Clip:



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On this week's episode of Cracking Aces we are joined by one of the best players in the world, Chance Kornuth. Chance is an absolute crusher who is about 3 dollars shy of $10 million in live earnings. Seriously, he's right there on the cusp:



And Chance will absolutely get over that $10 million mark when he plays the WPT final table in a few days, since he sits 2/6 with $486k for first place. (They have a week off between playing down to 6 players and playing the final table because of TV things). 

And as you see in the video above, he almost didn't travel to Oklahoma for the tournament because he was house-hunting with his wife, but she encouraged him to make the trip. And fellas, use this as a two-fold lesson: 1) listen to your lady, and 2) always go play poker. Instead of just hanging with the wife and kid, Chance hopped on a flight to Choctaw, split a hotel room with a friend, and now is guaranteed a minimum of $101k. 



Not bad!

Chance runs a training site call Chip Leader Coaching, and I think his results speak for themselves. He's had a RIDICULOUS 2022 so far, running so hot that he in fact voluntarily finished 2nd instead of "technically first" in a tournament…meaning 2nd place PAID HIM MONEY so he could take the winner's picture.




Amazing. Technically finished in 2nd place but took more money home than 1st. That's when you know you're good.


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