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Tommy Smokes Looks HORRIBLE When He Wears Hats


On yesterday's episode of 'The Bracket', Coley, KB, Nick, Owen, Tommy, Cheah and I debated what the best insult in the world is. Along our journey for a victor, we discovered something very interesting: Tommy Smokes is unfuckable when he wears a hat. 

The day before we recorded, Tommy tried on his new Uptown Balls uniform for the Dozen Tournament. Part of that kit was is a kangol hat and folks, it looks HORRIBLE on him. So bad, in fact, that it lead Rudy to call him "unfuckable" while recording him for stool scenes. It wasn't said with any malice, either, which made it that much meaner. It was said with the tone a soldier would have while delivering a folded up American flag to a sobbing mother. BRUTAL. 

You can watch the full YT version above or listen below.