'Scumbag' Is The Best Insult In The World

On today's episode of 'The Bracket', Coley, KB, Nick, Owen, Tommy, Cheah and I debated what the best insult in the world is. We went over basically every one under the sun, learned that Tommy Smokes is unfuckable and I came to the conclusion that Scumbag has to be one of the worst insults you can be called. 

Up until recently, I never really thought of the origin of the term. I just used it interchangeably with "dirtbag". However, when I learned that it actually meant a used condom, it took on a whole new meaning. A used condom has to be one of the grossest objects in the world for a number of reasons:

1. It's slimy

2. It's filled with cum

3. After you cum and that quick feeling of euphoria wears off, the last thing you want to think about is sex and here you are with a slimy sleeve full of jizz to clean up. 


Add the word scum on to that and you have the best insult in the game. 

You can listen to the audio version here, but I highly recommend watching the youtube version.