My Mortal Enemy Is Back But This Time He's In My Favor And Now My Brain Is In A Pretzel

Alright, what the hell is going on around here. You guys remember this very adorable and very talented Corgi from the Bucks series? I saw him do this for that series and had to make the unfortunate executive decision to declare this dude my mortal enemy. 

My hands were tied, what choice did I have? Do you think I wanted to make an awesome Corgi my mortal enemy? Of course not. I love Corgis. But when you're telling me the Bucks are going to win a series at the time when my favorite basketball team is in a dog fight (no pun intended but intended), you leave me no choice. I understand how fucking weird it is to have a random mortal enemy be a cute dog on the internet. That is not lost on me. But this is the playoffs where everything is on the table and last time I checked the Celts won that series so maybe what I did was the difference. You think Grant hits 7 3PM by himself? I think not.

So now, after watching this same Corgi pick the Celts in 5, my brain is in a pretzel. He nailed that first game a little to easily in my opinion. The problem is he's been very, very, wrong every time he tries to predict a Celtics series. He was on the Nets and Bucks. 0-2. Is this his way of getting revenge on me? I have to admit, if that's the case, I respect it. Everyone knows that when things like this video pop up, as long as it gives you a result you don't like, you discredit it. But this? Celts in 5? Am I being trolled? I'm sitting here ready to declare this the smartest and most correct internet dog on the planet, even knowing how wrong he was before. None of that matters to me now because I saw 4 straight basketballs go into the Celtics basket. Now he's telling me what I want to hear. Is it real? Is it a trap?

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If you haven't noticed by now, I am losing my goddamn mind. You try living through your favorite team losing a quarter 39-14 where they go 2-15 from the floor with 8 TOs and tell me if you come out the other side the same person. That shit changes you. I've had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach since the clock hit 0.0 last night. This is the stress you deal with when you're trying to make an NBA Finals. None of it makes sense. It's all very sad and pathetic but it's the only way I know how to live. It makes you do crazy things. 

You end up sitting here blogging about a silly internet dog that is very talented but also has zero impact on what actually happens unless they do what you want and then your heart wants to believe more than anything that this is the time they actually predict the future.

This is the time right…….right?