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Yankees Cut Minor Leaguer Who Was Allegedly Stealing His Teammates Equipment And Selling It Online While Also Scamming Those Who Bought It

The Yankees considered Jake Sanford a legitimate hitting prospect who could hit with power and play both corner outfield positions. Among his teammates, however, he was known for stealing.

The Yankees cut Sanford over allegations that he repeatedly hounded teammates for their equipment to sell online, while also occasionally swiping it from their lockers, a person with knowledge of the situation told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday. 

“He was scamming other players,” the person said.

According to allegations on social media, Sanford victimized fans, too. While he allegedly sold equipment he could get his hands on — legally and illegally — fans accused him of defrauding them by taking money in advance for autographed equipment he never delivered.

What in the actual fuck? It really doesn't scummier and more low life than stealing from your own teammates and selling their shit. I mean what are we doing here? We really pulling Ruben Rivera shit in 2022? The Yankees being the prideful world class organization that they are obviously cut this loser the moment they found out about his operation. He should be black balled from the sport. 

I'm sure there's gonna be some who blame MLB who not paying minor leaguers enough, but we can't be doing this under any circumstances. We can't be scamming fans online who want to buy autographed memorabilia like this guy below. 

Shane Ronan, a Tampa native, was among those who said he was scammed by Sanford. Ronian said he bid on Twitter for a pair of Sanford-signed baseball gloves, which were auctioned by Adopt a Minor Leaguer, a nonprofit organization that helps support minor-league players.

Ronan’s $75 bid was accepted, and Ronan said he was put in contact with Sanford, who agreed to meet him during spring training this year. Ronan, a lifelong Yankees fan, works part-time as a cook at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Ronan said Sanford agreed to meet him on multiple occasions, but strung him along.

“Then he ghosted me,” Ronan said, adding: “He got a bit nasty with me about it.”


What's wrong with you dude? From people I've talked to since the story came out, this spans years. I expect we're going to hear way a lot more details in the near future and it'll look even worse. Through and through scumbag behavior.