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I Humbly Present The Greatest Walk Up In The History Of Tee Ball, Little League, And The Entire Sport Of Baseball

Someone induct this kid into the Hall of Fame before the dinosaur baseball writers ban him from Cooperstown for life. I love every single thing about that video. The perfect walk up song (RIP Big Pun) that somehow led to an even better batting entrance with more dance moves than a boy band music video followed by an infield pop-up that would've been caught if the defense didn't forget they were at a baseball game instead of a concert. 

That being said, you have to be careful when pulling a stunt like this because little league parents are looking for a reason to assault a total stranger on a Saturday morning and if you pull out a full dance routine when you are facing a pitcher instead of a tee, you are probably taking one in the ribs unless you play for the Savannah Bananas where this kind of stuff isn't only allowed but encouraged. In fact, I'll be SHOCKED if this kid isn't playing shortstop for the Bananas this weekend. I'd say he'd be suiting up for them tonight but it is a school night after all. There are still rules for kids, regardless of if they are electric tee ball superstars or not.