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It's Getting Depressing Watching Damian Lillard Consistently Get His Heart Ripped Out Because Of The Blazers

I know we shouldn't feel bad for athletes, but I'm feeling bad for Dame man. He's trying anything and everything to win with the Blazers. He hasn't left, he keeps trying to figure shit out with them. He even accepted the tanking and went on stage. What happens? Blazers fall from 6 to 7. Not huge. But typical type stuff getting jumped by the Kings. The Kings! 

You can see it on Dame's face too. He knows he can't buy a win right now. We're not athletes but we've all been there. You just shake your head knowing you're fucked. It typically happens from a fan standpoint and you see the disaster coming and collapse coming. This is the smirk that says it all. 

Followed by this look: 

Can we let the man have one true chance at a run. He deserves it. At least give him a top-4 pick.