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IT HAS HAPPENED! Carmen Electra Joins Only Fans As Generations Of Dudes Rejoice

NY Post- She’s going to Electra-fy the platform.

Carmen Electra has launched an OnlyFans account, Page Six can reveal. The former “Baywatch” babe will provide members with “exclusive access to fun, edgy and playful content,” we’re told.

The ’90s sex symbol was inspired to reconnect with her fanbase after she turned 50 in April and is looking forward to this “new, celebratory chapter of her life.”

Ahead of the release, Electra shared a steamy photo of herself lying in bed and teased, “Wednesday! i have a huge announcement 💋 only for my fans. are you a fan? 🥰.”

Last month, Electra marked her milestone birthday with a sexy bikini photo that made jaws drop.

HO-LEE SHIT!!!!!!!! THIS IS DEFCON 5 IN THE ONLY FANS WORLD!!! THIS IS CODE RED!!!! We freaked out when Corinna Kopf joined our beloved platform. We freaked out when Bella Thorne joined our beloved platform (and made the limits $1k on DM's which folks aren't thrilled with). We freaked out, or at least I did, when the legendary Diora Baird joined the platform. But this? This is a different realm with the legendary Carmen Electra joining up.

I mean this feels like a historic moment. You know how growing up your parents would constantly tell you when they were kids they only had like 5 television channels and no DVR or anything? Well this could quite simply be our version of that. Our kids are now gonna grow up in a world where I have to explain to them that there was a world where legends like Carmen Electra did NOT have an Only Fans and you could only catch her in the occasional printed magazine or movie role. 

And now my obvious life goal is to get Carmen Electra on Only Stans. It simple NEEDS to happen. OH and speaking of Only Stans we have a great new episode out featuring the world's only Mother/Daughter combination Only Fans combination!! Check it out!! 

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