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The Arizona Coyotes, A Professional Hockey Team, Will Not Be Allowed To Have Their Own Logo At Center Ice For Home Games Next Year

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

I'm sure by now that everybody knows the Arizona Coyotes have been kicked out of their in Glendale and will be playing their home games for the foreseeable future at Arizona State. The ASU Multi-Purpose Arena has a capacity of just 5,000. So the good news for the 'Yotes is maybe they can start to play in front of a sold out crowd. The bad news is every time they play at home, they'll be lining up for the first puck drop in the Sun Devils' logo. And the Coyotes can't even superimpose their on logo onto the ice during broadcasts. 

Now, maybe there's a chance that ASU feels a little charitable here and they find a way to put both team's logos at center ice. Maybe instead of one massive logo in the middle, they put the Sun Devils logo on one side of the red line and the Coyotes logo on the other. But still. 

You'd think there would come a time when the NHL would step in and say to themselves, "okay yeah you know what, maybe this isn't going to work out here". The Coyotes already did everything they possibly could for the growth of the NHL. They got a kid like Auston Matthews who grew up in Scottsdale to pick up a hockey stick, fall in love with the game, and turn into the greatest goal scorer on the planet currently. What more could you possibly ask out of this organization? They're like an old dog right now who can't walk, are going blind, and can barely hear. I know you love that dog. I know you can't picture what life would be like without that dog. But he's not enjoying his life right now. Do the honorable thing and put the poor fella out of his misery. You'll remember him forever and a part of him will always live within you. But the longer you hold on, the worse it'll get. Let him rest. 

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Also, this part of the deal is hilarious. 

The Athletic -- According to the document, if the Coyotes or Meruelo become the subject of adverse publicity, contempt, scandal or ridicule for violating “widely held principles of public morality, failing to conduct its business affairs with a high degree of integrity and honesty and/or failing to act as a good corporate citizen,” Arizona State can get out of its deal with the Coyotes.

It's like someone at Arizona State invited the Coyotes to come spend the week at their arena without running it by the wife first. But then she finds out and while she knows she can't just say no, if that son of a bitch gives her one good reason to kick him out she'll have no hesitation. Whoever is actually running the show at Arizona State must have just figured out the Coyotes were coming to town and now they have to lay down the laws. One slip up from the 'Yotes and their ass is out on the curb again. Considering how things have gone in Coyote Land over the past few years, I just don't see how this ends amicably.